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Your Photographers

We (Rina and Manuela) are Christian wives and homechooling mothers who have teamed up to offer infant and child photography in Bowling Green, KY and surrounding areas. Our work has been featured in Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Above Rubies Magazine, and Bowling Green Parent Magazine. We work without studios, flashes or paper backdrops. We photograph in playgrounds and parks, living rooms and back yards, incorporating the everyday environments and keepsakes of the families we work with to create wonderful memories that will be cherished forever.

More about us:


About fifteen years ago, I made up my mind that I would NEVER have children. I am now the mother of seven kids, ages newborn-10. :) My husband and I have been married for 11 years and he is my rock... and often my voice of sanity ("no, Rina, it is NOT a good idea to get a Golden Retriever puppy two months before our seventh baby is due.")

Art has always been important to me, but photography was something that I kind of fell into a few years ago, after my husband bought me a brand new digital SLR. I had NO IDEA how to use it - in fact, when I was looking at them for the first time, I asked the sales person if the camera would work without a lens! I've learned a few things since then. ;) I started Photography by Rina Marie in 2009 when I discovered how much I loved taking pictures and capturing memories for others.

Manuela (Ella):

You might be able to pick up an accent when meeting me. I am German and came here as an exchange student to attend WKU in 1999. During that semester, I not only learned English, I also fell in love with my resident assistant (and now husband) Patrick who chased me back to Europe! Thirteen years later, after moving back and forrth between two continents, we are settled and happy here in Kentucky.

I have two boys Ben (5) and Leon (2) that I am homeschooling.

Photography has been a hobby for me for a long time. I remember having rolls of film in every bag and my Nikon aloways ready in “Auto” mode :). Meeting Rina turned my hobby into more. My husband and Rina knew each other from WKU and in 2009 Rina took my maternity and Leon's newborn pictures and I was totally “hooked”.

With my new digital camera, I started as Rina's apprentice in Spring of 2011. My first shoot was a newborn session with twins. I remember the excitement of getting to hold tiny sleeping babies and creating memories that last forever.

I am so blessed and grateful to have Rina as a friend, teacher and inspiration. We make a great team and balance each other out......but we both have no sense of direction. So please be patient while we try to set up the navigation system. We will get there eventually! :).

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